Childhood Nostalgia

Childhood Nostalgia

In a quiet village in India, little girl, Ahana's childhood was filled with traditions that connected her to her culture. From the morning rituals of starting the day with chanting prayers at home, and watching her mom sweep the floor of the house with a broom which, unlike western brooms, does not have a handle. This broom was made up of natural fibers and her mother had to stoop to clean the floor.
In the evenings, Ahana's grandma enchanted her and her friends with tales of mythical creatures, gods, and goddesses underneath the ancient tree. These stories linked the past to the present by acting as a moral compass for the young people of the village.
Every year, Ahana looked forward to the bright Diwali celebrations and loved lighting ''Diyas'' (clay lamps), a tradition that symbolizes the victory of evil over good. On this auspicious day, she would distribute sweets with her parents to all her neighbors.
As she grew up, Ahana learned to cook traditional recipes, such as "Aam ka achaar" (mango pickles) and "Sarson ka saag" (mustard greens) from her mother. The smells and tastes connected her to the food her ancestors enjoyed.
As a young woman today, Ahana treasured the enduring value of her cultural roots. She felt the warmth of the flames and the spirit of a community bonded by its common past as she lit the Diwali lights sitting in her room next to the window.
to be continued....

Author: Alaina Khan

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Beautiful story by Alaina. Loved the layout and the flow of her writing. The way she describes the broom that her mother used is very intricate and eliminating. I wish her the best and look forward to more such soulful stories from her. All the best girl.

Captain Suri

Beautiful write up Dear Alaina.
Childhood!!! The most beautiful period of our life.
Keep writing and sharing ….
Best wishes.

Dr Jaya Goswami

Lovely and very cogent narrative. Made me also travelled through my childhood. Great work… keep it up Alaina


Superb short story! It reminisced my childhood memories of celebrating Diwali with my friends and lighting Diyas with them. Also, the ’ Aam ka Achar’ made my mouth water! Looking forward to reading more from the author.

Saima Khan

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