Lovely morning, sitting on the balcony of the cottage, sipping hot green tea sent to me by my children, is a dream come true. A beautiful valley with lush green meadows and breathtaking views soothes the soul. Fragrance of the multi-colour, will not say wild, but, natural flowers is an awesome feast that enhances the desire for more and more dreams with open eyes. What we see with open eyes involves our brain as well as our heart. Thoughts created by both come to be a wonderful amalgam. Confirming my statement that open eye dreams are stepping stones to success, may I tell you a story by Vishnu Sharma, writer of the famous “Panchatantra Stories”. Lazy people dream with closed eyes and people who have to achieve something extraordinary in their lives never indulge in daydreaming.
There is a man who survives by begging. One day he receives a good amount of flour. Night falls he hangs the pot and makes himself comfortable in the bed. With a smile on his face he closes his eyes and enters the dream world. He becomes a rich married man in his dreams. Becomes the father of a naughty boy, who plays around all day long, making noise. He becomes annoyed and pulls a stick to beat his son. In his dream he picks up the stick and begins striking in the air. He hits the earthen pot and breaks it. He wakes up and understands the whole situation.

Dream, Dream, Dream High With Open Eyes......

Author: Neelu Sharma
Contact: neelusharma99062@gmail.com
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