Journey to Big Dreams - Childhood Nostalgia Part 2

Journey to Big Dreams - Childhood Nostalgia Part 2

Ahana is grown into a teenage girl now. Hailing from a beautiful rural village, she embarks on a chapter of her life as she commences her undergraduate studies in the lively and massive metropolis of New Delhi. The transition from the tranquil countryside to the busy and crowded urban setting fills her with a blend of eagerness and uncertainty.

As she walks into the corridors of her new college on her first day, Ahana senses the vibrant atmosphere of new beginnings. Among the new crowd of youngsters, she grapples with a feeling of isolation, observing the absence of familiar faces. Manoeuvring through the sea of new faces and bustling conversations, Ahana's heart races with a mix of apprehension and anticipation, unsure of what lies ahead.

Amidst this uncertainty, a friendly figure emerges from the crowd. Saba, a classmate, spreads warmth and kindness as she extends a welcoming hand to Ahana, inviting her to sit beside her. The genuine warmth in Saba's gesture immediately mitigates some of Ahana's apprehension, granting her a sense of belonging in this new and unfamiliar setting. As the days pass by, Ahana grows closer to Saba, relishing their easy conversations and shared laughter. They find solace in each other's company. As their friendship blossoms, Ahana discovers numerous connections between them, such as their mothers' talent for making mango pickles and their shared anticipation for festivals like Diwali and Eid. In no time, they become inseparable best friends. To be continued....


Author: Alaina Khan

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I love the way you are building up the character. Making me inquisitive to find out thw progress of the character. Good work!

Dr. Saima Khan

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